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At Indoor Climate Solutions, we understand the critical importance of maintaining safe and efficient boiler systems for your facility or property. With our headquarters based in Alto, MI, we proudly offer a range of HVAC services, including comprehensive CSD-1 testing.

Ensuring Compliance and Safety

Compliance with regulatory standards such as CSD-1 (Controls and Safety Devices for Automatically Fired Boilers) is paramount in the operation of boiler systems. These standards are designed to ensure the safety of personnel, protection of property, and prevention of potential hazards associated with boiler operation. At Indoor Climate Solutions, we specialize in conducting thorough CSD-1 testing to verify compliance with these essential regulations.

Indoor Climate Solutions employs a team of highly trained technicians equipped with the latest tools and expertise to perform comprehensive CSD-1 testing on your boiler systems. Our meticulous approach ensures that all control and safety devices are functioning correctly, providing you with peace of mind regarding the safety and efficiency of your boiler operations.

From initial assessment to testing and certification, we work closely with our clients to deliver tailored solutions that meet their specific needs and regulatory requirements. With Indoor Climate Solutions, you can trust that your boiler systems are in capable hands.

Read more below to address common questions and concerns regarding CSD-1 testing, sourced directly from Michigan.gov, to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of this vital aspect of boiler system maintenance and compliance:

Q: What is CSD-1 ?

A: CSD-1 refers to the boiler code that addresses periodic testing and maintenance of boiler Controls and Safety Devices such as temperature and pressure controls, water level controls and pressure relief valves. Skilled Trade Regulation Rule 339.5206 adopts the CSD-1 code for Michigan boilers.

Q: I got a violation letter that said something like No documented evidence of triennial (or annual) testing and operational checks of controls and safety devices that were to be conducted by a licensed mechanical contractor. Per Rule 339.5206 and ASME CSD-1. What do I do?

A: You need to have your boiler serviced by a qualified Mechanical Contractor. A Mechanical Contractor who is qualified to conduct boiler service has a license that includes a limited or unlimited heating service work classification.

Q: How often should my boiler be serviced?

A: High- and low-pressure steam boilers and larger hot water heating and hot water supply boilers need to be serviced once per year. Hot water heating and hot water supply boilers under 400,000 btu/hr input should be serviced once every three years, within 12 months of the expiration date printed on the Certificate of Inspection. Some water heaters are not required to have CSD-1 maintenance.

Q: How do I locate a qualified Mechanical Contractor

A: You can find a contractor on the BCC website following these directions Go to www.michigan.gov/bcc In the top bar click "Verify a License" Click "Construction/Skilled Trades" Scroll down to "Search for a License" Go to the "License Type" drop down box and select "Mechanical Contractor" Go to the bottom of the page and click "Search" This will list all mechanical contractors licensed in Michigan Click on the business name (in blue) and the license status and license classifications will be Shown

NOTE: The technician performing the CSD-1 maintenance is not required to hold a license, if they do not, their employer / supervisor must be properly licensed.

Q: What’s the difference between limited and unlimited heating service?

A: Limited heating service is for sectional (cast iron or cast aluminum) boilers with heat inputs up to 1,000,000 btu/hr and other boiler types with heat input up to 400,000 btu/hr Unlimited heating service is for any size boiler

Q: My boiler has been serviced; now what?

A: The service technician will leave a copy of the service report in the boiler room or if they give it to you, you should post it in the boiler room because the boiler inspector will be looking for it during the inspection. If you received a violation for “No documented evidence….”, you may call the Inspector, their name and number will be at the bottom of the violation letter, or you can scan and e-mail the filled out “CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE” or the service report to our office at bccblr@michigan.gov . You can also mail it to P.O. Box 30254, Lansing Mi., 48909, or FAX to (517) 241-0130

Q: What is the boiler rule that requires CSD-1 boiler maintenance?

A: That would be Skilled Trades Regulation Rule 339.5206, the inspectors commonly refer to it as “Rule 206”

Rule 206says in part;

R 339.5206 Adoption; ASME code CSD-1.

Rule 206

(1) The owner shall ensure that the installation, maintenance, operation, and testing of controls and safety devices is pursuant to manufacturer’s instructions and ASME code CSD-1, 2018 edition, except as modified by these rules. The code is adopted by reference in these rules and available for inspection at the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Bureau of Construction Codes, 611 W. Ottawa, Lansing Michigan 48933 or from the ASME International, Two Park Avenue, New York, New York 10016-5990, (800) 843-2763, at a cost as of the time of adoption of these amendatory rules of $103.00.

(2) An owner or user of a boiler system shall ensure that the maintenance and testing of controls and safety devices is conducted by an individual with a valid mechanical contractor license under the act. Individuals conducting maintenance and testing shall be under the guidance and supervision of a licensed mechanical contractor.

(3) An owner or user shall provide the inspector, at the time of certificate inspection, with evidence showing the maintenance has been performed and what tests have been completed. The evidence shall be a dated and signed service report or checklist, listing each control and safety device tested with the manufacturer’s name, model number, set point, and actual operational test point. The service report must include the license number and heating service classification of the mechanical contractor who is performing or supervising the work.

(4) If an owner does not provide the inspector with the required evidence of maintenance and testing between certificate inspections, then the inspector may issue a certificate of inspection for a term less than that stated under Section 943 of the act, MCL 339.5943. Exception: For hot water heating and hot water supply boilers with a BTU input of 400,000 or less, the requirements of this rule need only be conducted once during an inspection cycle but shall be performed within 12 months before the certificate inspection required by R 339.5213.